Jerry Rees

Multimedia Director

Jerry Rees is a prolific Director, Producer and Writer of live-action, animation, transmedia and specialty venue films as well as theme park attractions.

While still in high school, Jerry mentored at Disney Studios under the wing of one of Walt Disney’s legendary “Nine Old Men.” Awarded a Disney Scholarship, he attended California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts) as Teacher’s Assistant for the now famous inaugural class, soon be featured in Vanity Fair with photos by Annie Leibovitz.

He teamed with fellow Cal Arts alum Tim Burton to Co-Write and Co-Direct the cult classic featurettes “Doctor of Doom” and “Luau”.

Jerry began his career as a Disney Feature Animator, working up to Visual Effects Supervisor on ‘TRON”. He is credited with introducing John Lasseter to Computer Animation.

As a Director, Jerry’s theatrical credits include “The Marrying Man” and “The Brave Little Toaster”. He has had the pleasure of Directing a broad range of actors from Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Martin Short and Alan Cumming to Kim Basinger, Julie Delpy, and Goldie Hawn. He has even played Director to the likes of George Lucas and Michael Eisner.

Jerry has Directed a record-setting 16 trans-media Disney Theme Park Attractions in Anaheim, California; Orlando, Florida, Hong Kong and Paris, France. His projects span multiple formats, such as Showscan, Hi-Res Digital and in-theater illusions, and include the show “Cinemagique” which won a THEA Award for Best Attraction. His recent creation, “Animation Magic” which plays aboard Disney’s new cruise ships won a THEA Award for “most innovative use of technology”. His 17th attraction is slated to open at EPCOT in 2016.

As a Producer, his credits include the Warner Bros. animated feature film “Space Jam”, starring Michael Jordan, and the “Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular”, shown in the 2400-seat amphitheater at Disney’s MGM Studios. As a Writer, Jerry’s credits include the beloved “The Brave Little Toaster” and MGM/Zanuck’s “Betty Boop”. Jerry Directed the first official Augmented Reality U.S. Postage Stamp in association with Smithsonian.

An animator, sculptor and fine artist dedicated to the use of computer technology in its application to new storytelling opportunities, Jerry resides in Los Angeles and is a member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA) and the Writers Guild of America (WGA).

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